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Welcome to 1st Harpenden scout group

Due to the Coronavirus all face-to-face Scouting meetings, activities and events are suspended until further notice.  

We are continuing Scouting activities on-line and at-home, please speak to your leaders and see our Home-Scouting page for more.

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  • Raising Funds with Co-Op

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    Raising Funds with Co-Op

We meet at Granary Lane Scout Hall and we are open to both girls and boys.

1st necker

We are a sponsored group associated with the Harpenden High Street Methodist Church.

If your parents would like to learn more, get them to go to the Join page and request more details. You're very welcome to come along for a couple of evenings.

  • Green Beret 2016

    Gold and Green Teams with certificates, 2nd place shield, Night Base Cup and District Trophy

    Green Beret 2016
  • Wales Camp 2016
    Wales Camp 2016
  • lunch

    Lord of the rings camp 2016

  • Camp Fire

    Lord of the rings camp 2016

    Camp Fire
  • Judges

    Lord of the rings camp 2016

  • Burning the ring

    Lord of the rings camp 2016

    Burning the ring
  • 1st Harpenden Scouts

    Lord of the rings camp 2016

    1st Harpenden Scouts

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Letter of Thanks to All at 1st Harpenden !
25th May 2020

Thank You from Luton & Dunstable Hospital !
12th May 2020

Update - Building a Rainbow from Painted Stones Fundraising Project
11th May 2020

Upcoming events

Summer BBQ and AGM
28th June 2020 13:00 - 15:00

Family Camp
18th - 20th September 2020