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Our World Record Breakers....

12th June 2020

Our World Record Breakers....

Northumberland Scouts #CampAtHome World Record Breakers

Fifty members of 1st Harpenden took part in the world record breaking Camp At Home organised by Northumberland Scouts on the 30th April. #CampAtHome brought over 95,000 people from 68 countries together during lockdown in the largest Scouting event of all time! 

Our world record breakers are honoured in this list below - congratulations everyone !

You will all receive this special commemorative badge.

Please click this link to download your special certificate.

Amber Bingham James Bingham
Andy Wrentmore James Durno
Angus Pope Josh Pepperrell
Archie Durno Joshua Kuna
Atticus Perry Joshua Thomas
Blake Stopforth Lawrie Draper
Bonnie Draper Lottie Denny
Charlotte West Louie Burridge
Daniel Payne Marc White
Darren Payne Matthew Durno
Denzyl Cain Mylo Molloy
Dylan Johnson Nathan Draper
Elizabeth Kuna Oscar Bingham
Finlay Murphy Otis Wood
Finlay Thomas Paul Pepperrell
Finn Kirkbride Peter White
Freddie Barker Ralph Horne
Freya Barker Robin Goodhand
Gabriel Clark Sarah Cain
Gracie Murphy Sarah Draper
Grant Denny Sophie Tallantire
Hari Mulcock Steve Clark
Harrison Fawkes Theo Marke
Ilana Horne Tyler Cain
Immy Pope Will Draper
Issy Marke Will West

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